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Providing Total Solutions From Design To Production Of Machine Blades Over 35 Years.

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Advantages for Production

shredder blade

Highest cutting tolerances, Perfect cutting quality burr free on the cutting edge& Professional plywood case packaging.

1.2379 D2 1.2344 H13 1.3355 M2 H12

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Strict Temperature Control

serrated blade

Bases on more than 35 years experienec, we worked out a strict temperature control criteria and own professional inspectors.

9CrSi Cr12MoV W6Mo5Cr4V2 W18Cr4V

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New HSS TC Inlay Process

pelletizer blade

With a tail gas furnace, the electric heating brings equal and accurate temperature degrees, so gas protection helps achieve no oxidized welding.

D2 SKD11 M2 T1 Gr15 Gr18

Accurate,Durable, & Competitive

For a presentation of proven results, to bring Cost Savings and Higher Productivity to your company, contact RENDA blades today.

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High Reputation

RENDA bladesĀ as a manufacturer of industrial blades for over three decades, won a high credit at home and aboard. With our extremely experienced staffs and high technology level we provide a full range of industrial blades for many industries and companies worldwide.

Basides regular elements, proper amount of rare elements are added into our products. For the sake of fast composition analyses, REANDA has invested amount of capitals and energy for testing equipment and got excellent feedback.

Scientific Composition

RENDA choose medium-frequency induction furnace to melt raw materials. During this process, lots of impurities and harmful gas are filtered out. The final raw material are pure and without casting segregation.

Advanced Smelting

Professional heat treatment makes steel properies actually achieve. RENDA buys lots of advanced equipments for excellent heat treatment technology is our core competence and bring our products famous at home and abroad.

Advanced Heat Treatment

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